Things You Need To Know When Changing Your Web Host

Web Hosting companies can be your website’s best friend if they are offering you the best service for a low cost and with a good quality. However, there are times when you do not research thoroughly before buying the hosting from a specific company and later are disturbed due to frequent down time and low quality of service being provided. Under these circumstances, many website owners decide to change their web hosting provider to opt for a better provider.

What most users do before changing web host is reading about what new host to go for and evaluate and compare packages provided by different hosts. This is a very important step indeed, but usually users are so busy in this that they ignore other important steps, procedures and guidelines that need to be taken care of before changing a web host.

Important Things to Remember:

Today, we will enumerate some of the very important things that you need to know when changing your webhost. Remembering them will certainly be beneficial for you as well as your website.

1- Compare Packages:

Do compare the package you were already using with the one you are going to buy. If you were using a package that allowed you to have unlimited bandwidth and the new host does not have this feature, you should check if your website will run smoothly on the new package. You should see if the resources critical to proper functionality of your website are present in abundance in the new plan.

2- Check for Compatibility of Scripts:

You website might be simple enough but do check if all the scripts that were supported with your old web host are still supported by the new one. If some features are not supported, there is a chance that a few plugins or features of the website will not work, causing problems for your fans.

3- Make a Backup!

All kinds of complications can arise when you are trying to shift your site to a new web host. It is therefore important that you save all your website files and store the backup in a safe place. In this way even if there is a problem, you can always restore your website using the backup.

4- Be Courteous!

It is very right when I say that users will not like your site to suddenly go down when you are shifting it. It is always good to inform the users well in advance the time at which the site might be unavailable. This way, it won’t leave a very bad impression on your fans.

5- Choose The Time Wisely!

When shifting to a new web host, decide the time to make the move wisely. You should pick a time when the traffic is minimum. In this way even if there are some complications, minimum number of users will be affected.

6- Do Detailed Home Work!

Last but not the least, do not forget to plan everything in advance. This includes everything from choosing the new web host to moving your files to the new server. Make sure that the downtime or any other kinds of website functionality difficulties are as less as possible.

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