Medicine Cabinets Shopping Tips

Medicine cabinets are a very common thing that you can find in the bathroom. The main purpose of having a medicine cabinet is none other than for storing toiletries, medicines, first aids and also other small objects. It has indeed become a standard furniture for the private room. Besides serving as a good storage and organizational tool, medicine cabinets can also be a great decor to compliment the design of your bathroom.

The most common type of medicine cabinets are those that with a mirror and which quite commonly installed under a main light and above the sink area. The light will make the mirror more functional for different purposes such as shaving and applying makeup (when enough of light is crucial so that it won’t go wrong).

There are mainly two types of mirrored medicine cabinets; single mirror cabinet and multi-mirror cabinets. Selection of these cabinets depend on certain factors such as the wall space, storage needs and the size of the sink and cabinet area. If you have a large bathroom with longer area, the multiple mirror medicine cabinet will perhaps suit you. Shorter area usually installed with the single mirror type. Sometimes, people will install an extra single mirror cabinet might on a sidewall for extra storage, this is particular true if there are more things to store.

There are quite many benefits of having a medicine cabinet installed in the bathroom. Firstly, it is a concealed storage area that gives you a quick access to the items that you used on daily basis. Secondly, it is also a good place to have your fist aids stored and in case if anything happens, you or just anybody in the house know where to look for. Moreover, medicine cabinets can also keep things out from reach of the children, particular pills that might be harmful to them.

For better organization, there are individual shelves in the cabinet with different heights so that you can store inventory items based on height and size. These shelves can also be used to store items such as shaving kits, makeup and manicure items. We do these stuffs in the bathroom, don’t we? And so by placing these items in the medicine cabinets, you can avoid having to bring these items back and forth to the bathroom every morning.

There is a little cautious here; although medicine cabinets is named as it is, that doesn’t mean that you should place prescription medication in them. Moisture and heat in the bathroom might come in contact and ruin them. However, over the counter medicines such as painkiller, mouth washes, antiseptic and other medicine that does not get harmed easily by moisture can be stored in medicine cabinets.

There are few things that you need to consider when choosing for a medicine cabinet. There are so many different types and styles of these cabinets available in the market that you should better know what you really go for before really heading out to order one:

Surface mounted or recessed – Surface mount cabinets are easier to install compares to recessed cabinets. This is because you only need to place it upon the wall surface, very much like hanging a picture frame. If you don’t mind having a cabinet that comes outside the wall up to four inches, this type of cabinets are an ideal choice. Recessed cabinets are installed to sit in a hole that carved out in the wall. So the mirror of the cabinet is actually flush with the wall . Between the two, recessed medicine cabinet definitely look nicer and better but that’s also depend on individual preferences.

Mirrored or without mirror – Most medicine cabinets that sold in the market come with a door that doubles as a mirror. This feature is useful particular when it is mounted above a sink, so you can use it for shaving or applying makeup. However, that does not mean that you can’t place it elsewhere, just take you need to buy an extra mirror for the sink.

Corner or in the middle of the wall – Do you want to place the medicine cabinet in the corner or in the middle of the wall? If you have a tiny bathroom, you may want to consider mounting it in a corner and above the sink to save place.

Single or multi-door – This again depends on the size of your bathroom. Single door cabinet is much suited for small bathroom while the multi-door, or course for larger bathroom.

Modern style or vintage – If your home decor is of modern and contemporary style, well you should go with the modern cabinet.Or else, go with the vintage feel if that fits the design of your house.

Shape of the cabinets – Common medicine cabinets have a rectangular shape as this is much easier and cheaper to produce. However, with the latest home decor trend and design, the oval shape is more favored over the traditional square shape. They might be slightly higher in price but you will definitely love them.

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