Hardwood Medicine Cabinets

When you are designing your bathroom, you should consider the impact a bathroom vanity medicine cabinet will make. Adding a medicine cabinet can make the room feel much more inviting and not feel like a cold obscure room in your home. One way to make sure that the room feels warm and inviting is to make sure the cabinet is manufactured from hardwood.

Hardwood, simply put, is really wood such as mahogany, oak, ash, maple, and cherry. These woods have natural grain running throughout and can be finished in many ways. Some people choose to paint over the wood but this is truly a shame because now the true beauty of the wood has been completely covered. You can also choose to stain the wood.

This can help to enhance the grain in the wood, without covering it up, and can help tie in a color scheme or theme that you have chosen for bathroom. A third option and the one preferred by many who love the natural beauty in wood is to just put a clear coat of lacquer on the wood.

With a dark luxurious wood like mahogany, a clear coat brings out the tight straight grain in the wood and highlights the different tones of reds and browns found in the wood. Once you have chosen the type of wood and the finish applied to the wood, you should consider how to make the vanity medicine cabinet most functional for you.

For example, many homeowners find that the bathroom always needs extra space and a vanity cabinet is a great way to do this. You can keep some of your personal items neatly organized behind closed doors so that these items don’t take away from the inviting feeling that you have created.

One great way to help organize is to incorporate adjustable shelves into your bathroom vanity cabinet. This gives the ability to store larger items such as mouthwash and smaller items that don’t need as much room such as dental floss. With adjustable shelves, you can keep items off the countertops and avoid a messy unorganized feel in the room.

Another great idea to help make the bathroom look bigger and further enhance the atmosphere is to use mirrored doors on the medicine cabinet. This option is not only functional as a way to help you get ready but it also gives warmth and the feeling of space in the area.

One other notable upside to using hardwoods for your vanity medicine cabinets is they are really wood. This means that they can withstand the moisture created by showering or bathing. They will not deteriorate like other medicine cabinets that are made out of melamine or pressboard might under the same conditions.

Incorporating hardwood into your bathroom vanity cabinet will instantly enhance the room and they are gorgeous to look at. Finding the right type of hardwood with the right finish is important when you want your bathroom to be a place to relax and enjoy and not just feel like a pit stop area. So when choosing a bathroom medicine cabinet consider using hardwood, it is durable, functional, and beautiful.

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