Fire Resistant Lateral File Cabinet

Fire proof or fire resistant lateral file cabinets have been a big saver to many business owners across the globe. In quite some notable instances, important papers and data that could have sunk a big company when lost have been saved and recovered with great success because they were placed inside a fire proof filing cabinet. Yes, fire can be the greatest nemesis of anyone or anything especially when it is beyond control already. Hence, it would pay big dividends if we make it a point to exercise some precautions and safeguards against a sporadic and destructive fire.

To recall a bit, ever since our ancestors have created fire, life has never been difficult as compared to the situation during the prehistoric ages. Fire has been so useful in so many ways buy sadly, has also been destructive in a number of manners also. Many lives were lost and destroyed because of it. However though, this should not be taken against fire considering that it has proved to be a boon to life in a general perspective.

With this in mind, it would be a best practice to safeguard our vital papers against fire. We will never know when it will strike destructively. No matter how we come prepared, accidents can happen in a time we least expect it and in the worst possible manner. Hence, the least we can do is to mitigate the effects. Sure, a business entity could always engage the services of a reputable insurance company for a comprehensive fire insurance plan.

But then again, they cannot restore your important documents and data. Looking at the brighter side, many important documents can be replaced but the process of doing so can be time consuming, resource draining and may entail tons of costs and lost opportunities. Hence, it may be a sound decision to invest in a sturdy fireproof storage cabinet. Not only that, it would increase the chances of saving those sensitive data and documents.

These types of lateral filing cabinets are insulated with special materials that can shield the papers inside from the intense heat normally generated in a fire. Without proper insulation, things inside the cabinet will just burn spontaneously as they heat up to a temperature suitable for combustion to take place. Keep in mind that, even though papers are shielded from the fire itself, they still can burn inside if the temperature is right for combustion considering the fact that air can still be present inside the cabinet.

Generally, what these cabinets do to protect the contents inside is that they prevent the heat buildup inside their insulated compartments from escalating into higher temperatures that might start the combustion process.

Another thing to note is the fact that not all fireproof cabinets are made equal. That is, they may have different insulation ratings; hence, different capabilities. In most cases, the higher the capability, the more expensive they become. Ratings could include the time frame a fire insulated cabinet can protect the documents inside. Some cabinets can give protection ranging from a few minutes for up to an hour. Heavy duty insulation materials used in high rating fire resistant storage cabinets can give protection for hours.

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