Filing Cabinet Casters

A file cabinet on wheels may not sound conventional but if the cabinet is small it may make a lot of sense for your home office or place of business. Many people with large filing cabinets use a caster base to relocate file cabinets without having to empty them entirely, this can help save some time and work but keeping your file cabinets mobile at all times may make a lot of sense for depending on what type of work you do.

Of course you don’t have to have a totally dedicated wheeled file cabinet. Using a caster base is relatively simple and the base unit can be used for other items around the home or office. Once your filing cabinets are moved you don’t have to worry about your cabinets moving unexpectedly either. Real it all depends on how your office works and what will work best for your situation.

A Versatile File Cabinet Caster Base

If you opt to buy a caster base for your filing cabinets over the purchase of file cabinets with wheels then you will want to get a versatile caster base which can store easily, which can be easily used to move heavy cabinets around, and which can easily be used to move other types of heavy objects and furniture around. After all, if you don’t need your cabinets mobile at all times then you are unlikely to need your caster base very often either. Buying one that will help with other tasks will get you much more use out of your purchase.

One excellent file cabinet caster base is this caster base by Safco which is designed to provide a sturdy mobile base for their four drawer filing cabinets. This particular filing cabinet caster base is even designed to be stackable meaning multiple caster can easily be stored together. Similar caster base units can be found online for other size file cabinets and basic dollies with wheels can also be used for temporary file cabinet mobility in addition to other pieces of furniture or heavy equipment.

Small File Cabinet File Cabinet Casters

Similar to the above caster base for larger cabinets or larger heavy objects you can also find excellent mall file cabinet caster base units which are better used for small 2 drawer filing cabinets or other small cabinets. What’s great about these is that because they are smaller they can actually be stored much easier and they cost less.

This Hirsch commercial caster base is designed for smaller cabinets and it is a much smaller design which will take up far less space in storage and may be ideal for long term filing cabinet mobility. It’s almost like installing wheels on the bottom of your file cabinet because the base is so low to the ground.

If you need a good mobile solution for your office then getting a set of caster wheels for your filing cabinet may be the way to go. It is much cheaper than buying new filing cabinets and you’d be hard pressed to find reasonably priced file cabinets with wheels anyway. Many built in wheels come included on cheap items like plastic storage cabinets but traditional filing cabinets are much more expensive and much harder to find.

If you use a file cabinet locking bar you may want a flat base so make sure to check dimensions of these items before you buy and ideally you will want to find if your file cabinet manufacturer carries their own caster base units in their accessory lineup as well. Many file cabinet and office supply companies not only make the file cabinet but also replacement and accessory parts like file cabinet lock kits, replacement file rails, as well as many other miscellaneous file cabinet parts and accessories. Buying a product specifically designed for your file cabinet will ensure you find a better fit and a safer solution than generic casters and dollies.

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