Display Cabinet Buying Guide

What is a Display Cabinet?

A display cabinet is used for displaying awards, collectors items, certificates. There are two different areas where you can use display cabinets. One is for residential use, and the other is for commercial use. The main difference between them lies in the display items. For commercial use, the focus is on the public and the consumers. In retail stores, these cabinets usually contains items that are for sale. For companies and corporations, these display cabinets have a general purpose for displaying awards and accolades.

On the other hand, items placed in the residential display cabinets are focused on the owners. Items that are placed in these cabinets are of significance to the owner, such as prized collection items, hobbies items, or even photos.

Determine Which Type of Cabinets Do You Need

There are a few types of display cabinets in the market. You have to plan which types of cabinets do you need in terms of display space, size of the cabinets, area for the display cabinets, ad the display items.

The four main types of display cabinets are the floor standing display cabinets, the wall mounted display cabinets, the table display cabinets, and the counter top display cabinets.

Floor Standing Cabinets

The first type of cabinet is the floor standing cabinets. These cabinets are the main type of cabinets you see in retail shops. They are large cabinets that have four to five shelves and you can place quite a number of items in these large cabinets. However, you need to take note of the lower shelves as people are generally not interested to squat down and see the displayed items on the lower shelves. The question to ask is do you really need the bottom shelves? If the answer is no, you can choose standing cabinets that have both storage and display features. These cabinets are more popular for homes as they do not need large display space. The top part of these cabinets has see through glass doors for display purposes, and the bottom half has wooden or metal doors to use as storage.

Wall Mounted Cabinets

Wall mounted cabinets are the second type of display cabinets. These cabinets are great for displaying larger items on the walls. You will see more of these cabinets in commercial environments. They help the retail shops to save space as the area beneath these cabinets can be used for other purposes. They are also popular in companies to showcase their accolades. They are normally installed in lobbies and receptions areas, and the management prefers wall mounted cabinets that are of shoulder height for better viewing angles. They normally leave the bottom walls empty to create a more spacious and comfortable feel for the lobby.

Table Display Cabinets

The third type of cabinets are the table display cabinets. These waist height cabinets are different from other cabinets as the display items are placed horizontally on top of a counter and then covered with a top layer of glass. The two common areas to place these cabinets are at the cashier, and in the center of the retail shop. They are only used in commercial setting.

Counter Top Display Cabinets

The last type of cabinets are the counter top display cabinets,. These cabinets are perfect for displaying small items. They are more commonly seen in commercial settings in retail shops. Counter top display cabinets are mainly used for displaying lighters, pens and other small but exquisite items. Just like the name suggests, these cabinets are placed on counters that are near to the cashiers so that the shoppers can have a good look at these items while queuing.These cabinets are often very nicely decorated to attract the shoppers attention.

Other Things to Consider When Shopping for Display Cabinets

You can choose cabinets that have locks if you need extra security for your display items. Cabinets with locks are common for commercial uses, as they need to safeguard their properties. You can also spot these cabinets in homes for safety reasons. If you have young kids in the house, it is better to lock these display cabinets from the curious children.

There are two types of doors for display cabinets, which are the sliding doors and the pulling doors. The choice of the doors depend on your preference, but pulling doors do give you greater accessibility compared to sliding doors. You can also consider putting frames on these doors. You can choose frame doors in your home to add that extra design element. Exaggerated designs are not suitable for commercial usage as the they will distract the customers from focusing on the display items.

Lighting is another thing you need to consider for commercial display cabinets. A good lighting can attract more attention from the customers, and it is proven that lighted display cabinets sell more display items then the non lighted ones.

The last thing to consider is the cabinets shelving. You can either choose cabinets that comes with fixed shelves, or with adjustable shelves. Adjustable shelves give you more free play as you can adjust the height of each shelf layer to accommodate items of different length and height.

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