Corner Medicine Cabinet

Utilizing a bathroom corner medicine cabinet is the best way to conserve restroom space, specifically if your room is small. If your bathroom under consideration is simply a half-bath, and generally applied for visitor amenities close to a party room, then your circumstances is much more crucial.

Unless of course you are a builder, you almost certainly are unaware of just what your city water system code has got to say concerning the positioning of bathroom establishments. A lavatory needs to have a minimum of 30″ of space to sit in, and a sink requires 20″.

This implies when you are thinking about setting up both these types of fittings on exactly the same wall structure, you would require more than 4 feet of wall space.

Simply by positioning either the toilet or the sink in the corner, it will eventually require much less area on that wall. Therefore, if the wall is longer enough, it will be possible to set up a relatively larger sink or vanity. Suppliers of restroom establishments know of this, so most of them create corner fixtures.

A single problem with placing the sink in the corner is the fact that the rest room corner medicine cabinets cannot be recessed into your wall, so they will remain to the functional area above the sink. If this sounds like an issue, then you could utilize a recessed cabinet on one wall of the corner, and put a mirror on another wall.

When you’re ready to select a corner medicine cabinet, you will end up to some extent restricted with your choice, because demand is not as high in this characteristic.

Still, additional attributes you may well be searching for can be found: wood or metal doors, mirrored or unmirrored, glass or metal shelves, towel racks.

Selling prices vary from about $150 for a simple metallic cabinet with mirror to over $1300 for the ultra-fancy corner cabinet. This even includes a swing-out magnifying mirror in addition to the huge beveled mirror in the door.

And it has side-lighting, which usually provides your face a far more embellishing appearance. So for a smaller bathroom, a corner medicine cabinet could be the finest method for saving that useful wall space.

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