Comfort In Bathroom And Vanity Cabinet Finishes

Trends relating to finishes for vanities and other bathroom cabinets show that starkness is out and richness is in. According to interior designers and others that specialize in bath design there is a strong movement now toward comfort in the bath, both physical and visual. Our sybaritic bathtubs and showers pamper our bodies.

Now it appears that we also desire pampering for our inner spirits with a cozy, comfortable ambiance that is not usually associated with the bathroom. It appears that in these busy times and with our busy lives we seek comfort and peace where we can, an aesthetically pleasing bathroom offers us great opportunity to achieve just that.

This desire for richness and visual comfort has led to a resurgence of wood for vanities and other bathroom furniture, especially mellow and warm woods such as maple, cherry and mahogany. Glazed finishes are also experiencing a resurrection and you will they are being used in two ways.

One, as a clear coating to add depth to natural wood finishes. Two, to create a worn yet elegant antique patina on other pieces. You will find that this new design direction also emphasizes softer, richer color.

Stark white is definitely on the way out and being replaced by warmer whites and painted finishes and laminates in off whites such as biscuit, very pale yellows and delicate pastels in today’s bathroom and vanity cabinets designs.

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