Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets

If you want a remodeled kitchen but have only a limited budget, then you need to think about how to build your own kitchen cabinets. ‘But I don’t have the woodworking tools, the experience or know anything about wood staining and finishing either’, I hear you cry. But fear not, you can build your own kitchen cabinets with a few common tools, a little self-confidence and the Internet.

With the ever-increasing price of timber and plywood in today’s market, replacing your kitchen cabinets whether RTA (ready to assemble) or custom made is too often beyond the reach of many homeowners. Painting or refacing your existing cabinets is just not enough of a remodel, so consider building your own kitchen cabinets and save a lot of money.

1. Step one is to measure and layout your remodeled kitchen design on paper. Ikea will give you a computer printout and picture from their computer system.

2. Step two is to use your existing kitchen as an example of how cabinets are put together. Break it down into a parts list. If you go the Ikea route pull out the doors, drawers, or hardware as you need to focus on the basic shell.

3. Step three is to buy the parts and materials and hire a cabinet shop to cut and mill the parts for the base units. All that remains for you to build your own kitchen cabinets, is to assemble the units. This is a common practice in cabinetry as more cabinet manufacturers are hiring out their work so they can produce more. They will be pleased to advise you on the type of wood best for you and your pocket, whether oak, cherry or maple and so on. The cabinet shop will pull your order together for each box making it easy for you to identify the individual cabinet and assemble it. An alternative to this is to buy RTA cabinets from companies such as Kraftsmaid, Thomasville or Mills Pride that specialize in these modular cabinets. The costs will be greater than doing it all yourself, but RTA cabinets cost less to have delivered and you can get professional help in the design step.

4. Step four is to measure the door and drawer openings and order them from a company that specializes in custom building of just doors and drawers. Then ‘dry fit’ all parts before installing your kitchen cabinets.

5. Step five is to decide and do your final topcoat. Either do it your self or get in a pro painter for an excellent finish.

6. Step six is to go online and buy your discount accessories and hardware. For example the drawer knobs, door hinges etc.

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