Black Kitchen Cabinets

Psychologically speaking the designs you opt for when furnishing your home spaces, expresses the type of personality you are. Contemporary black kitchen cabinets say a lot about your personality. They express your optimism, practicality and extroversion.

Modern kitchen cabinets are very revealing as part of a social study that tells us things that are simply common sense. The decor and accessories we fill our homes with, reflect the sorts of personality traits we have. Gee, I never thought of that! So people who ‘new buy’ custom black kitchen cabinets for example tend to be more forward-looking, optimistic, cheerful and amicable.

European style black kitchen cabinet buyers are also more extrovert than introvert, often enhancing basic kitchen cabinets with bold surrounding colors in tiles lamps and lighting. Friendly and welcoming, this kitchen style is an expression of the owners’ willingness to engage with other people.

Oak kitchen cabinets, being more traditional and solid are installed by people who are steadfast, sensible and reliable. Personalities who choose natural wood tend to be the more reliable and steady types. They have a smaller circle of friends than the black kitchen cabinet folks but the friends they do have are just as deep and meaningful.

Maple kitchen furniture expresses personalities somewhere between the black and the oak types in terms of sociability. Having made friends they will be friends for life. Trustworthy and loyal people who buy maple kitchen cabinets are everyone’s idea of a good friend.

Pine and metal kitchen cabinet people are butterfly types. Happy optimists they are up for anything new. Often doing RTA ‘do it yourself’, refacing doors or painting them frequently, change is better than a rest to these folks. Presumably people who buy unfinished kitchen cabinets are a bit of mystery or indecisive.

Remember ‘Through The Keyhole’ where people were asked to identify a celebrity by looking at their homes. Well psychologists took this idea to new heights of sophistication with the black kitchen cabinets personality inventory.

It is uncertain how all this psychological research is of use to manufacturers like Ikea, Kraftmaid, Thomasville, and Mills Pride. What is certain is the overwhelming belief that we could have told the psychologists this, if only they had asked.

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