Bathroom Vanity Cabinets and Vanity Storage Solutions

In the bathroom the bathroom vanity cabinets are the main source for storage. The good news is the vanity cabinets are more attractive, hold more plus have grown taller. The vanity cabinet along with a bathroom vanity countertop that matches can make any bathroom a functional showplace.

One size fits all does not apply to the height of vanities or even the styles. Which is why, to accommodate taller people and make it easier on your back, you can now get stock vanities in heights that run from a 30 inch high standard vanity to one that is 36 inches high. You also can get vanities in different depths depending on your needs, 18 inch depth if you need more floor space or a 24 inch depth to store more stuff.

Depending on your space or design you can get small bathroom vanity cabinets, corner bathroom vanity cabinets, bathroom vanity sink cabinets etc. in traditional, modern or contemporary bathroom vanity cabinet styles. To maximize storage a vanity is most often accompanied by additional cabinets, open shelves, and free standing furniture. The size of medicine cabinets has even increased in size and functionality besides having better appearance.

It is in your best interest to learn some of the language and definitions used in the manufacture and sale of cabinets in general. Here’s an example, stock bath vanity cabinets are factory made and your least expensive cabinet choice, they come pre-assembled and in most cases can be taken home or delivered the same day you purchase them. Though the cost is lower, they can look good and be well constructed there are limitations with stock cabinets in the finishes, sizes and styles available.

Then there are semi-custom vanity cabinets that are also factory made but that cost a little more. With semi-custom cabinets you get a wider selection of styles and finishes however you can get them only in standard sizes.

Custom vanity cabinets will be the most expensive option. They offer the most flexibility since you design and determine the specifications and dimensions of your cabinets.

Stock bathroom vanity cabinets can be found at local home centers and big retail outlets at costs as low $120. Since they are not all made well before you make your purchase be sure to check the construction. You can also get semi-custom vanity cabinets at local cabinet showrooms for a low cost. Your most expensive choice custom cabinets will come from cabinet makers or manufacturers they will cost more but be good quality construction plus you will get bathroom vanity cabinets that are made specifically for you.

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