Acne Myths Answered

Acne are red spots, which causes irritating sensation & skin rashes and it really affects the young adults and teenagers. It can also occur in any age groups. The general forms of the acne usually occur at some oily areas of the body. The areas such as the chest, face, upper arms and neck are usually considered as the oil dominated areas.

Acne can be for short period or it can also last for the longer period. The effect of acne could be in both forms, physical as well as psychological. The limitation of the acne can also leads to the withdrawal from the social setup or family. In this problem the individual loss their confidence to fight against the problem and some of the people also suffer the problems like severe depression.

Peoples also follow some of the myth practices towards acne problem such as:

Acne is not occurring due to the infrequent or uncleanliness washing. Some people believe that acne is the result of the dirt which posses on the skin of the individuals and too much starching may result to the worse condition of the acne.

Acne is also not because of the eating style. Some individuals stated that acne occurs due to the consumption of the fried foods and chocolates.

Acne is also well known as the zits or pimples. These are the normal part of our growth. Basically kids get the problem of acne is because of the changes, which occur in the puberty time and this is the time when the whole body parts are indulge in the growth procedure.

There are many myths attached towards the acne. Some of them are as follows:

Popping your zits or pimples is considered as the best method to use for the purpose of removal of the acne. But the fact is that popping the pimple is not the solution of it. When the individuals rub their pimples then it leads to pressure on the germs, which are found under the skin of individuals. This can also lead to the more redness of your skin, infection and pain also.

Another myth is that eating chocolates and fried foods can also cause the acne- The consumption of the chocolates and fried foods do not cause any problem to the skin or it is not related to the acne. The popular belief is that the consumption of the chocolates is the main cause for the occurrence of the acne but the scientific studies refuse this view. According to them, the foods which posses with the carbohydrates are the main cause of the acne. Regarding the chocolates, it has a low glycemic contents.

But it does not mean that you should have only fried foods or chocolates and escape your self from the nutritious foods like vegetables, fruits, low fat dairy products, and also grains. The consumption of all these items provides you positive energy and also makes you to feel good, healthy and strong.

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