A Pine TV Cabinet

When shopping for a new TV stand in a furniture showroom you can sometimes buy something that is not at all what you intended it to be. This is partly because it looks so great on display, and partly because you did not do the proper research before you went shopping. When you arrive home, you then realize that it just doesn’t suite your room or decor at all. It is also common to stretch your budget when you are making impulse buys. However, with some careful planning and a little research you should have no problem purchasing the perfect audio-video furniture for your home.

You may want to consider buying a pine TV cabinet for your next furniture purchase. These stands are becoming more and more popular these days because they are lightweight, inexpensive, and versatile.Since pine is softwood it will definitely weigh less than half the amount a cabinet made from its hardwood counterparts would weigh. Many people prefer it for this characteristic because it is easier to move around when re-arranging the furniture.

However, there is a downside to softwood. It can be more prone to cracks and breaks as well as to physical deformities due to extreme temperature changes. Pine furniture can shrink when exposed to warmer dry temperatures, and tends to expand when exposed to colder moist temperatures. However, with a small amount of wood treatment every few years, this can be avoided. Also, avoid placing your TV cabinet near air-conditioners, fireplaces, and heaters to help prevent this from happening. With proper care, your pine TV cabinet can be preserved to be as beautiful as when you first bought it.

Unlike hardwood trees, a pine tree usually grows faster and can be grown in large plantations. This means that pine is more abundant and readily available, and thus it is cheaper. These cabinets can range from a hundred dollars for a simple design and up to a thousand plus dollars for those with a more intricate design. Make sure that you check online and at different flea markets around your area for specials deals. Also, some people like the unique irregularities the pine furniture has in its wood grain. So, if you ever decide to sell your pine TV cabinet, you might want to clean it, change the old dingy knobs, and turn your trash into cash.

Pine furniture is perfectly at home when placed in a room with a country theme, or almost any other design style for that matter. With its beautiful wood patterns, it will always compliment any decor in your house. They usually come in a neutral color, but you can always have them painted any color to match your existing color scheme. You can paint it red, for an Asian themed room, or black for a more modern looking room. If you have an artistic streak of your own, you can paint it yourself with any sort of color or design theme that you desire. The options are endless. With just a little imagination and creativity, you can have the perfect TV cabinet to match any room.

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